Dear Mr. Musa Abdulahi,

thank you for your E-Mail. I understand you are a senator in Nigerian upper house of National Assembly and also the chairman SENATE CONTRACT REVIEW COMMITTEE.

As you wrote in your kind letter that arrived in my office today you need to get the sum of 62,000,000 US $ out of your beautiful country of Nigeria. I understand that a foreign contractor was killed in an unfortunate accident in your capital and you and your colleagues want to invest the money in my country now. You asked me to receive that money in trust and provide a bank account for said transaction.

I am more than happy to help you and your good colleagues in the committee. Please know that I myself are in a bit of a bind to arrange for quite a large sum of money so your gracious offer comes at the right time, but as you wrote so rightly luck has a nature of arriving unannounced.

I am hereby offering you my willing support in your planned transaction and set aside an account within my bank so that you should have no problems.

Please let me know when and how we shall begin.


Dr. Michael Kemmer,

Chairman of the Board of Management , BayernLB


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